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How I found Natural Beaded Rows.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Natural Beaded Rows, aka NBR, is the most intricate, customizable & natural looking Hair Extension method on the market!

I first fell in love with Hair Extensions back when I was a teenager. I started with clip-ins, then had the corn row sew-in extensions which sent me back to clip ins quick because of the upkeep and maintenance. I would need them re-done every 3-4 weeks and that was too much for me at the time!

From there, I eventually got tape ins. All the individual methods turned me off, so I never jumped on that train. I hated the way they looked on others, and knowing the damage they caused, I could never jump on board.

Tape ins were OKAY. I loved them in comparison to the corn row method AND all the individual methods. So at the time it was the best I knew of. Read more about my personal hair extension journey here.

Then, I received a forwarded email from a respected colleague in the industry, written by Danielle K. White, the creator of Natural Beaded Rows. I was instantly intrigued! I could tell that she knew A LOT about Hair Extensions. She is beautiful, she does gorgeous hair, her style is always on point... what isn't to like?!

Danielle K White. - creator of Natural Beaded Rows

BUT, what most intrigued me was not just the method of extensions, it was her training program. I had never seen or heard of anything like it! At the time I had been in the industry for 12 years, taken many educational classes, and still had NEVER seen education like this.

They weren't just teaching a hair extension method... they were teaching a lifestyle. It wasn't just learning the NBR Extension method, it was diving into your personal life & business, with ongoing education on how to balance it all. Now, those of you who know anything about the beauty industry, this was not something as Hair Stylist's we were ever taught. We were taught: we are "artists" and "hard workers"... If you want to make good money you have to work your ass off 5-6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, double-booked (without an assistant in some states), and just hustle, hustle, hustle.

Which only leads to burnout and not enjoying what you do!

The Natural Beaded Rows training gave another option! It teaches Hair Stylists that we are Business Women & Men! Danielle's training opened the eyes of Stylists around the U.S. and taught that we don't have be a SLAVE BEHIND THE CHAIR! Not only does she have the most natural looking extension method out there, but she has trained a tribe of Stylists that were previously burnt out that there was another way - Teaching us how to balance our professional and personal lives.

I was hooked the second I saw the video explaining her 2-day intensive training! Unfortunately for me, I hesitated to make the commitment... It was a very big financial investment and I didn't know if it was the best decision at the time. So, I missed out on that year's worth of training. If I could do anything different, I wouldn't have waited. I would have figured out how to get trained in the NBR extension method immediately when I discovered it over two years ago.

After a year of waiting, I FINALLY DID IT. And let me tell you, I was so glad! I have learned more about business, the hair industry, life, and myself in the past year than I ever knew before! AND not just that... I learned the most intricate, customizable & natural looking extension method out there! Learn more about my personal hair extension journey here.

You may be thinking similarly about investing in YOURSELF. Finances are sometimes our biggest roadblock. I GET IT. I waited over a year a to invest in MYSELF. AND, my biggest take away is thinking that, what could I have accomplished in that whole year that I could have been trained in NBR Extensions? What if I knew everything I know now, a year earlier?? I still think about everything that I could have done! Don't you have one of those what if stories?

What if you invested in yourself now vs. a year from now? What do you think YOU could accomplish in that year with MORE CONFIDENCE? Feeling more confident is a given with hair extensions - I don't know anyone who got NBR and felt the opposite. But what other changes can you experience after investing in yourself?? In my experience and others' experiences here are some things to look forward to:

make more money

better relationships

feel happier

better sex life

job promotions

feeling prettier/sexier

less time fighting with your hair ;)

What are you waiting for?? Invest in YOURSELF!

Thank you for reading! I look forward to meeting you if I haven't already!

xo Bri

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