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My Hair Extension Story.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I've never shared this story before - and I rarely share my personal before + afters. Now you will know my secret... the truth behind my beautiful long green hair. 

My story...

I’ve always had fine hair with little density. It is very weak and gets damaged easily, so any coloring I do to it effects it greatly. When I’ve grown my hair out it’s taken several years and only gets a certain length with just a few hairs left on the bottom.

Looking back at pictures of myself years ago I’m embarrassed at how flat & thin my hair looked (of course flat ironing was the trend as well, which didn’t help matters). Especially as a hair stylist, being self conscious of your own hair wasn't a good start to help others feel good about their hair! 

I’ve always had a connection with hair extensions - early in my career I wanted nothing more than to learn and master them. Thirteen years ago I starting experimenting with extension methods other than clip-ins. It wasn’t until I tried tape-ins that my life started to change. I LOVED THEM. I loved having long, thick hair. I had way more confidence as a hair stylist and was able to play with hair color like never before.

I’ve never been a short hair person, so getting a cute, short statement haircut was not going to happen. Getting extensions made me feel like my hair was more of a statement!

The downside of tape-ins and other extension methods... unless my hair was freshly washed I always feared that they were showing. (and a lot of the time they were!) That is the last thing you want people to see! It’s fine if you tell your secret to people but for them to find out on their own... not okay. I was constantly worried about my extensions showing, to the point of being self conscious in certain situations. AND forget it if I wanted to pull my hair up! A low bun is about all I could do without wearing a headband to hide the tape tabs. 

Individual extensions... there are many kind of individual extension methods and I could go on and on about why I don't prefer them. BUT I'm not here to bash other methods, only to share my personal journey & educate! I will say TWO things:

1- I can spot individual extensions from a mile away! There isn't a great way to get a full look with these methods. The hair usually ends up very stringy looking at the bottom AND 2- To even get a semi-full look you need to have 100-150 attachments on the head! That is about 6x the amount of real estate that my favorite method takes up on your head. THAT MEANS 6x THE AMOUNT OF STRESS ON YOUR HAIR & SCALP!  After swearing off all methods other than tape-ins, I finally got Natural Beaded Rows (NBR). I had been following this method and wanting to learn it for about a year and a half before diving in. I finally did it!

It took me a couple months of having them to realize the benefits I was getting compared to other methods. Now I see them like night and day.

My three FAVORITE things about NBR... #1: They camouflage right into your natural hair. No tape tabs or individuals popping out when your hair is the slightest bit dirty. I can wear my NBR so much higher than my tape-ins could be worn. And BONUS... My husband just told me that he has never seen my NBR extensions and he reminded me that I used to ask him ALL the time if my tape ins were showing. Wow! Sometimes you don’t realize the significance of something until someone from the outside says something. #2: I can wear my hair up without needing to cover it with a headband. Because the hand tied wefts blend so well in the hair, it just looks like my hair is getting thicker where the extensions start. I finally feel like my extensions are literally AN EXTENSION OF MY NATURAL HAIR.

#3: No tape residue. After having tape-ins for so long, I didn't realize how big of a treat this was until I didn't have to deal with it any longer. 

Are you ready to see if you are a good fit for Natural Beaded Rows?

Thank you for letting me share my story with you! I hope that I can be a part of YOUR story someday.

xo Bri

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