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The Sun is Among Us!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

We keep pinching ourselves, how is it already June!? Summer is around the corner, which means the sun will be touching our skin, soul, and HAIR. We love nothing more than soaking up that natural Vitamin D, spending time in the pool, ocean, outside bbq'ing, road tripping, hiking... and the list goes on!

We're so excited to bring out our OWAY Sunway line, and know that our hair, which we spend so much time and $$$ on to maintain, will be safe and protected - just as we are cautious about protecting our skin. We can go out and have all the fun in the sun and not stress about our investment!

The OWAY Sunway line consists of an After-Sun Hair and Body Bath, an After-Sun Hair Mask, a Sun Protective Elixir, and an awesome After-Sun Body Balm. This lineup of organic summer skin and hair essentials are made with Biodynamic-Organic Avocado Oil, Green Anise and Grapestone Oil.

As we approach some of the hottest months of the year, these products will be at arms reach, no doubt!

"I got the worst sunburn last summer, the kind that's painful to lay down and you feel like you can only stand up straight and not touch anything... yeah that bad, and immediately after I put the After-Sun Body Balm everywhere, I kid you not, the next day my sunburn was probably 90% healed and my skin no longer felt dry and cracky. It will be with me through all this summer's activities because, lesson learned, and it smells so fresh." - Kinsey

Sunway provides the hair and body with nutrients and antioxidants needed during the summer to fight against oxidative stress, structural damage, and dehydration. All products are accompanied by the fresh and fragrant aromatherapy of essential oils: Biodynamic Fennel, Biodynamic Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Sweet Orange And Bergamot, which make for an energizing and balancing experience.

After-Sun Hair & Body Bath:

Removes damaging environmental impurities like salt, sand and chlorine. Effectively removes protective gels, oils and sunscreens without over drying.

After-Sun Hair Mask:

Deeply restores hair damaged by UV exposure and chlorine. Nourishes and seals the cuticle, revealing intense health and shine.

Sun Protective Elixir:

Prevents hair color from fading and damage caused by UV rays. Guards against damage caused by the sun, chlorine, salt and sand.

After-Sun Body Balm:

Nourishes and alleviates sunburn.  Prevents free radical formation and damage to skin cells. Hydrates and softens the skin layer, while preventing wrinkle formation.

Get your SUNWAY TODAY at Green + Anchor Salon!

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