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You can LOVE your hair again... Kinsey's Hair Extension Story.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

"Wow, where to begin. I can start by saying that I've never had hair extensions before NBR, and the thought hardly crossed my mind to try any. When I was in hair school we learned about different methods and what they looked like, and how they can be more damaging than beneficial. After hearing that, I was turned off. I knew people who had hair extensions and they were beautiful, but they were also likely to show at some point or another and I continued to hear complaints about not being able to put your hair up in high buns or pony tails, and thats a trend you guys!

Being a hairstylist I think everyone should be able to maneuver their hair how they want. Besides the trendiness, I love going to the gym, pulling my hair back and keeping it out of my face for the whole workout is a must. I have a big head so I don't want to wear headbands to cover anything, just a quick toss up with a scrunchy and call it good. With NBR I can do that! 

Going back to how it hardly crossed my mind to get extensions before NBR, that came with the thoughts that hair extensions wouldn't fit my lifestyle, they would be hard to take care of, and why would I want a bunch of random tapes placed on my head causing me to worry about flaps showing? After being at Green + Anchor Salon and staring at Bri's head or Ellery's head day after day, I was soon forgetting that they had extensions in because I could NOT see them! Hair up, hair down, hair braided, hair parted - nada! Then I got used to seeing women with beautiful long hair and lets admit it, I got jealous.. and wanted to jump on board. But thats because everything I had ever doubted about hair extensions was lifted away and proved otherwise. 

So! I just had my first maintenance appointment with NBR a week ago, meaning I've had them about 7-8 weeks now. My favorite thing about them is probably that even when grown out it only gets easier to flip your hair up in a high ponytail, they could be almost an inch from your scalp and continue to stay hidden, down or up. My hair naturally is a bit past my shoulders, so not very long, and I totally jumped to 18" extensions with full confidence of it blending and looking natural from close up and a far. Each individual has their own customized amount of rows, hair, placement, and colors.

One of the biggest benefits I could tell you is that having more hair is literally THE greatest thing. All those pretty Pinterest braids you see that are huge and voluminous... that girl for sure has a pack of something in her hair! You can LOVE your hair again, you can be unique and create funky styles or have a big ass braid while your bestie has a puny one (sorry not sorry?) lol. Also with long hair, its easier to just wake up and go if need be. For those last minute invites to brunch and maybe your hair was styled three days ago (it will still look fresh), you can totally get away with not even touching it and throwing on your mascara and lipstick in the car. DREAM.

Closing out my personal story for now - I WAS a hard sell on extensions, for reasons I listed above. But I was educated on them, I saw them, I touched them, I assisted with them, and I asked every question that came to mind thinking there has to be something wrong with these things and a way to compare them to other methods. I couldn't find my 'No'. Now I don't know how I ever lived without them! They are an investment, but you're investing in yourself, and most likely for reasons only you understand. I'm all for the cost of loving my hair. 

xo Kinsey"

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